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  •        Home skin care

  • Caring for rule skin

    MaskPractically in most cases the facial carried out in a early and evening.Satisfying facial skin maintenance. Rinse a face with a gentle water at rooms temperature (or slightly cool) without soap or clean out with a piece of ice in a direction of the skin lines. Do not apply soap. In rule facial skin it is applied TWO-3 minutes in a 7 days as as not to overdry the facial skin. After rinsing (rubbing ice) dab your face with a wiper: it is used to the face with a slight pressure. Drained of a person after ablution, regardless of facial skin type.Tip: It is possible to not be rude to wipe a skin, because a facial skin is stretched and with premature skin wrinkles appear.If, following rinsing or wiping a ice serum is used to the facial skin, getting wet when It is possible to leave a small moisture on the face.

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    Anti-Masks for skin

    MaskAnti-inflammatory masks and skin care covers specially designed for combination and issue face. Covers of this group is not alone thoroughly purified and narrow pores, but also get an antibacterial capacity, regulate the activity of sebaceous glands.Resembling posts:Mask Aging body care facial skin homeMask Masks and skin care in winterMask Effective facial. . . . .

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    Anti-facials and masks

    MaskAnti-inflammatory face care covers specially designed for dry and matter facial skin. Masks of this group is not alone properly purified and narrow pores, but also possess an antibacterial capacity, regulate a performance of sebaceous glands.Resembling articles:Mask Face care of the biorevitalisationMask Face care in 50 yearsCover Face care after peeling. . . . .

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    How to prevent a outside of freckles

    MaskIt turns out that in February, need start taking attention of that freckles are not there. Before you go out, especially on a sunny day, you demand to wipe the skin with strong brewed green watter, then use a sunscreen with big SPF.Striking makeup, It is possible to use a powderise and concealer - you will perfect protect a facial skin from a sun, but too thick to use still should not be.Similar posts:Mask Masks for fase of the 40 at homeCover Facials and masks without makeupMask Skin care eye bags. . . . .

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    Face masks - an indispensable means of skin care

    CoverMasks - best way to speedily moisturize, soothe, deep clean out a facial skin. You enjoy a great result, and act however a 1st aid in case chosen in accordance with the type of skin used for clear instructions.Covers are toning, reduces pores, nourishing and healing. Applied face mask according to what purpose wish to reach. If, after a long time, facial skin is tired and has lost its freshness, and you urgently should to go to any party or vacation, then a request toning mask for a face. If a face is dry and prone to skin wrinkles - you want a nourishing mask, and for young skin - tightens pores.Thus, facial skin covers have varied functions and are divided into several types.Alike articles:Cover Face and thin hairMask Winter Skin careMask Facials and masks acne. .

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    MaskA toothbrush is not necessary to buy cheaper or more expensive, but a one that is rightly for you: it want be tough enough to polish out the gaps 'tween the teeth of all the leftover meal, but mild, too - otherwise you will damage a gums and tooth enamel. The hairs on the brush want be the rightly length and positioned right.Change your toothbrush must be however, however recommended by dentists - not less frequently than once each TWO months, but it is potential and more ofttimes if required - nothing bad will. A lot of men forget when buying yourself a brushing, and continue to apply it when it has along become worthless. Presently, especially for those forgetful invented a bristle-brushing indicators: they are colored - blue or red. Once a color is highly pale bristles, a brushing should be changed.Care about the brushing need as well be correct: at least flush out all her toothpaste, and keep a brushing in soapy aqua, or rubbing a reasonable piece of soap, and put in a glass bristle up, and earlier the next brushing fine washed - so at least a bacteria for it will not accumulate and hence will be healthier teeth.If you do not similar a long time to brush the teeth, buy an electric toothbrush - just check with an expert to select a suitable one. Then you can brushing your teeth however many minutes a day how required, but if this is not potential, so at least rinse a mouth with h2o following eating, or carry with an antibacterial agent for oral hygiene, or even chew gum without sugar - also later a meal, 10-15 minutes.Resembling articles:Cover Facial winterCover First faceMask Skin care after 35.

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    Making of face masks: recipes

    MaskA easiest method to prepare the cover for a face - crushed good berries or fruits, and immediately put on the skin. If crushed raw vegetables or fruits are juicy enough, may be added to the slurry, natural milk. If a slurry, on a contrary, too thin, it is added mealy. It is as well convenient to put whole pieces of orange, medium tomato, cucumber and lemon. If a consistency of a mask is the nectar, so it is applied so follows: a a small piece of gauze with cutouts for skin eyes, nose and mouth soaked in juice, a little squeeze and put on a skin and neck. Instead of gauze may be used a thin layer of cotton wool.

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